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Mar. 27th, 2012 @ 09:53 am Waking Persephone 4/13-15, Providence, RI!
Waking Persephone is less than 3 weeks away - and there’s a lot of excitement around here. We have over 30 workshop offerings, and some of them are about to sell out!

Some folks have asked me more about what the event is about – is it just for “dark” or “gothic” dancers, for tribal? The answer is NO. While both of our evening shows focus on presenting the dramatic, the dark, and the unusual, our workshops have been carefully tailored to help craft the well-rounded dancer – whether you’re into traditional, oriental, tribal, or fusion, there’s a workshop that will advance your dance.

We have an array of incredible vendors that cover the spectrum of bellydance – including the ever-popular Geisha Moth and Tribal Bazaar (both coming all the way from California), Crimson Gypsy – who has amazing practice-wear and attire, Delicious Boutique from Philadelphia for urban and edgey looks, the drool-worthy treasure troves of Father Dunn (both old and new Tribal/folkloric/Indian/Middle Eastern jewelry), plus many more vendors offering silk, henna, photography, artwork, jewelry, and the latest in bellydance fashion. The vendor bazaar is open all weekend from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon - so come enjoy the workshops, see the show, get some great shopping in!

Community Gathering! We will kick things off on Thursday evening with "Motif" - a special community event combining dance, ritual, music, and great vibes. All are welcome!

LIVE MUSIC! Both of our Friday and Saturday evening shows feature live music (in addition to all of our amazing instructors - including Tempest, Anaar (CA), Asharah (CA), Celeste (IN), Ami Amore (MO), Unsinkable Molly (CA), Kendra Hayes(WA), plus local favorites, applied performers, and special guests) by world-class talent: Nathaniel Johnstone & The Ghosts Project, and Sunday will feature a special concert by Frenchy & The Punk.

Here’s a quick breakdown of workshop offerings: (behind the cut)

For developing your Musicality:
Drum Circle Workshop
Anatomy of a Song & Dance
Honoring the Songwriter
Improvising with Live Musicians

For Artistry, Creativity & Styling:
Master Class with Tempest: Artistry in Motion
Experimenting with Stylization
Tapping into the Dark: Dramatic Stylings for the Happy Dancer
Fusion vs. Confusion
Creating the Unique OUT of the Unusual

Props & Stage:
Movin' Around - Footwork and Use of Stage
Dark Sword
Fan Veil
Eye of the Beholder
Skirts with Attitude

Movement, Choreography, and Physical Technique:
Fundamentals of Floorwork
Body Language
School of Hard Locks
Crafting Creative Choreography
Gothic Improvisational Tribal Style
Release the Kraken!
Accenting the Unusual
Meat & Potatoes
Romany Punk Fusion
Embodying the Dark Goddess: Dark Indian Fusion
Hold that pose! - Adding Drama with Stillness

The Unusual & The Metaphysical:
Dancing Your Power Animal
Honoring the Equinox
Dancing the Tarot

You can read the descriptions for all of these amazing workshops at http://wakingpersephone.com/workshops.html
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